2018 Workshops

Gina Jogan

Gina Jogan, Anything Goes! Botanical Design

Gina Jogan is from Florida, is a Master Floriculture Judge and an Instructor in design with National Garden Clubs.  She is teaching the new design category of Botanical Arts design.  This will be the perfect workshop for those who want it from “the horses mouth”.  You will leave this workshop with a great design and a true understanding of one of the newer designs for NGC.
Cheryl Feuerborn
Cheryl Feuerborn, Accent Your Petites with Midollino. Design in an included container, exhibit it in the Gallery and take it home.
Cheryl Feuerborn is a designer from Northern California, with a recent design in Visions of Beauty.  Her workshop is special, in that your petite design will be created using art sculptures, provided by OFAD, and miniature materials.  Your design will then  be on display during the seminar and then taken home with you.  It is a win-win, getting a great petite container and doing a great design.
Tuan Tran
 Tuan Tran, Woven Wonder. Learn how to weave exciting baskets with reeds
This is the second workshop OFAD has presented with designer Tuan Tran.  He is a highly regarded designer, noted for his innovative designs (including Bouquets to Art at the De Young).  Besides a very entertaining instructor, he will teach the art of weaving reed baskets.  These are truly art pieces,  not just bread baskets, but magical forms of different shapes and sizes.  You will leave this workshop looking for anything to weave, perhaps even wire or strips of brown paper?
Katsuko Thiekle
Katsuko Thielke Paper and Plant Art. Make a basket of branches with skeletonized flax and Japanese rice paper.
Katsuko Thielke, Mind-blowing. Weaving and Double Braiding Midollino
Katsuko will be doing two workshops.  She is an outstanding instructor and artist.  As such, she is in very high demand and we are thrilled that she will be doing workshops for us this year.  In one workshop, she will be teaching the art of constructing using skeletonized flax and rice paper.  If you ever want to use a pasta maker to manipulate your leaves, this is the class for you.  Combine the new techniques you will learn with weaving, construction, rice paper and floral material and you will have a totally new design modality.  In the other workshop, you will learn the wonderful and surprisingly useful skill of weaving and/or braiding midollino (a plant material much used in modern Ikebana design).  The accessories you will learn to construct can be incorporated into a vast variety of designs, lending a different rhythm and balance to a design.  You have probably seen this but may not know what it is.  In this class you will learn how to do it!
Steven Brown
Steven Brown, New mechanics and products for happy designers
Steven Brown is the Department Chair for the Ornamental Horticulture program of the City College of San Francisco.  He is a noted designer and instructor, a past president of OFAD and AFID certified.  This workshop will teach you about new mechanics and products on the market.  Mechanics are almost always a challenge in complicated design and here is where you will have those questions answered and solutions found.  Don’t miss it!