OFAD Seminar 2019


Join The Fun at OFAD Seminar 2019

Come see the latest in creative floral design, ikebana, florist, and garden club styles. Four intense days packed with programs and workshops. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the world of floral design. Meet old friends and make new ones that share your passion for floral design at the OFAD Seminar 2019.

Fusako Hoyrup: Wafu School Ikebana, Ikebana International
Bill McKinley: Confluence: Elements & Principles Merged in Floral Art
Carmine Hoye: CGCI Judge
Jodi Duncan: A+B+C:  Armatures, Botanicals & Color
Lana Chernyavsky: The color is in focus

Advanced Registration for seminar, including 5 seminar programs, plus admission to the Gallery, to vendors and four meals all for $310.

Note: Admission to the OFAD Seminar is limited to paid members only. If you are not already a member, please join here.
Membership is open to all at a cost of $35.00 annually. Workshops are sold separately .

No Registration will be accepted by mail after 8/8/2019. However, registration will be accepted at the event.
If you cancel after 8/8/2019, no refund will be made and your payment will be considered a donation to OFAD.



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