About Us

In the Fall of 2013 the first meeting about beginning a new floral design organization on the west coast was held at the home of Dolores Moffat in Dublin CA.  Dolores had already been talking to people about this for five years.

In attendance were representatives from organizations in the Bay Area, such as California Garden Clubs Inc., Floral Artists of the Bay Area – FAB , American Institute of Floral DesignersMaster Florist and California State Floral Association.  Many concepts for this new organization were discussed and the group agreed that there was a need for a group that examined all types of floral design and worked to improve communications among all types of floral designers from Ikebana Arrangers to Event Designers.

At subsequent meetings a Steering Committee of committed individuals consisting of Dolores Moffat, Steven Brown, Mary Arakelian, Nancy Colvin, Susan Coolidge, Shane Looper, Lynn MacFarland, Julie West and others met consistently and discussed such things as:

* Format for an Annual Seminar

* Types of Programs

* A Name for the Organization-Steven Brown proposed

* “Organization of Floral Art Designers”

* A logo design was created by a City College student

*A pro tem board was established

  • Dolores Moffat and Steven Brown AIFD were elected to be the first Co-Presidents
  • Julie West was elected Secretary and By laws Chair
  • Nancy Colvin was elected Program Chair
  • Mary Arakelian was elected Vendor and Boutique Chair
  • Shane Looper was elected Treasurer
  • Sandi Lord volunteered to create our first seminar program

The first seminar was held in South San Francisco in August 2014.