OFAD Seminar 2019

In San Francisco, August 15-18.

Come see the latest in creative floral design, ikebana, florist, and garden club styles. Four intense days packed with programs and workshops. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the world of floral design. Meet old friends and make new ones that share your passion for floral design at the OFAD Seminar 2019.


Fusako Hoyrup, Ikebana International: “The Essence of Nature.”
A principle teacher of the Wafu School of Ikebana and president of the school’s California chapter.

Bill McKinley, AIFD:Confluence: Elements & Principles Merged in Floral Art”
Benz Endowed Chair/Director/Senior Lecturer Dept, of Horticulture  Texas A&M
Bill was inducted into the Illinois State Florists’ Association Hall of Fame in 2009 and was awarded the prestigious AIFD Distinguished Service to the Floral Industry Award in 2010.

Carmine Hoye: “Do It My Way!”
Flower Arranger of the Year, California Garden Clubs 2001, Flower Arranger of the Year
Bay Area  Flower Arrangers Guild 2002, District Flower Arranger of the Year 2013, National Garden Clubs, Inc. California, Flower Arranger of the Year, Helen S. Hull award,
Flower Arranger of the year 2004.

Jodi Duncan, AIFD: “A+B+C:  Armatures, Botanicals & Color”
Illinois State Designer of the Year, NAFA National Designer of the Year, Southern Retail Floral, The Lincoln Cup, and was the Mayesh Design Star for 2013. Jodi is also a TED talk speaker, and her “FlowerPowered” video can be seen on the TED YouTube channel.

Lana Chernyavsky, AIFD: “The color is in focus”
Owner of Dream Flowers, Lana’s stunning floral designs have received high acclaim from top international floral design magazines, including Fusion Flowers, Floral Designs, Nacre, Flowers World, and much more, where she has been featured many times.


Katsuko Thielke: “Amazing Bamboo Techniques”
Imagine cutting, distorting, joining, splitting bamboo.  Learn this and more and then incorporate the techniques into amazing designs

Bill McKinley: “Contrast-Making Space Visible”
Attentive use of the element of design SPACE, paired with the deliberate use of the principle of design CONTRAST, culminmates in exceptional visual impact.  Learn how to effectively use SPACE and CONTRAST to distinguish your floral  creativity as the work of a floral artist in this hands-on workshop.

Jodi Duncan: “Charming Armatures”
The structures that support solid stunning designs and how to create them.  “Mechanics becoming a decorative element for displaying and designing botanical materials.  From large scale to intricate and modest, explore the technique to elevate designs to the divine.

Lana Chernyavsky: “Away from the container”
Lana will teach a very new, European design idea, creating a design that is “connected to” but not necessarily “in” the container.  A very different and very exciting new concept which will get the creative side of you in gear. 
Who knows where it will take you?

Susan Coolidge and Barbara Gordon: “Petite Wire Wizardry”
Enjoy learning from the best.  Using wire you will learn to create not just a sculptural  form, but also a structure.  Could you possibly combine the two into ONE?  Absolutely!  And still have it end up only 12 inches TALL?  How much fun is that.  Then take this new skill and make it bigger or even smaller.  That is up to you, the designer who now knows how to make this work.

Katsuko Thielke: “Skeletonized Flax Techniques”
You have seen it and you may not have known what is was.  Ribbons and loops of lace-like plant material  used in creative design.  It is not as easy as it looks, but in this workshop your hands on lessons will make you a master of this amazing process.  Work with the master to learn the fine details of this design technique.

Thanh Nguyen: “Zip it Up”
Thanh has created an amazing technique.  Using common zip-ties, she creates sculptural forms which are integrated into or become containers for floral designs.  She demonstrated the use of these forms during her OFAD presentation in 2018.  An immediate hit, many found the technique challenging to figure out.  Thanh will teach this workshop in very small classes, limited to 15 students, so you will be assured of getting personal and detailed instruction.

The Gallery

The Gallery will consist of over fifty innovative designs created by OFAD members and staged throughout the hotel. Seminar participants are eligible to show an arrangement during OFAD Seminar 2019 and will have them featured on our website.

OFAD Vendors:

City College of San Francisco: BOOKS and TOOLS
Gaige Qualmann: COPPER  FLORA
California Flower Shippers: FRESH FLORAL PRODUCT

Please support our OFAD vendors! They help defray the cost of the Seminars.


The Boutique has special, gently- usedcontainers,glass,weathered wood, design accessories and much more.

All proceeds benefit OFAD, so you’ll be doing good while you find special things for your designs. Go early and go often. Don’t miss a treasure!

How to Join the Fun:

Attendance at the Seminar is limited to OFAD members. If you are not already a member, please join in our ONLINE IN OUR SHOP or by mail HERE. Membership is open to all. Cost is $35.00 annually.

Advanced Registration for seminar, including 5 seminar programs, plus admission to the Gallery, to vendors and four meals. $310.

Seminar Location & Accommodations:

OFAD Seminar 2019 takes place at the Embassy Suites in South San Francisco.
Conveniently located minutes from the San Francisco airport with free shuttle service to and from the hotel provided. Two-room suites at $164 per night, single or double, including guest parking, breakfast and happy hour drinks.

For room reservations, please contact:
EMBASSY SUITES: 650.589.3400 or www.sfosouthsanfrancisco.embassysuites.com